Ghost on the Second Floor Release New Album 'Home Alone'

Ghost on the Second Floor has released a 7 track album entitled 'Home Alone'.

This is a wicked and captivating track, that appeals to a wide range of indie and alternative enthusiasts. There really is something here for everyone. The track that stands out to me the most on this album is the track 'Home Alone'. The low vocals are both melancholic yet flavorful, as a narrative is told through crafty lyricism and mellow vocal execution. The instrumental is upbeat, with a consistent jingle, and catchy riff. It juxtaposes the contents of the lyrics and the emotion portrayed in the vocal delivery, yet it works beautifully. This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here:

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Spotify: Ghost on the second floor

Apple Music: Ghost on the second floor

The band's 2nd album will be released in Sep 2020.