Gin Cooley Brings Out New EP ‘GIN’

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You know that feeling when a song just fits perfectly with your current mood, and you don’t even know what the song is? Well, that’s what happened to me with the artist we’re talking about today.

I stumbled upon Gin Cooley’s music almost by accident, and at first didn’t even know what the track was called. Yet the more I listened to those haunting, evocative words and the slow, sorrowful rhythm, the more I wanted to find out.

Gin Cooley, as it turns out, is an American artist, formerly a world-famous fashion model with a skill for archery and lately, music. Now, personally, I’m a little weary of people who claim to be good at everything, but trust me when I say this, Gin Cooley is the real deal. She manages to put out consistently good music that reminds one (a little) of Lana Del Rey, but also manages to surpass Rey, at least in my opinion.

There is a certain edge obvious throughout Cooley’s latest album, entitled sweetly “Gin”. But the songs never breach the barrier and get “in your face”, as it were. They always remain somewhere in the background, making it perfect music for a run or a party.

And the most interesting thing is, the songs actually force you to stop paying attention to your thoughts or conversation and focus on the music, because you just have to know what that song is.

“Unattainable”, the first song Gin released, is a little like getting lost inside an enchanted forest. You hang upon her every word in that song, with its low, slightly tropical melody and with its feigned happiness. I say feigned because the whole album seems to be very saddening, and it certainly leaves the listener with a feeling of being unattainable.

The lyric that really got to me off of that song is towards the very end, somewhere in the last 15 seconds of the song, when Gin softly sings “Tell me it’s a curse…”

Now, there is such overwhelming sadness and such an ultimate impression of being lost in those five words that I just can’t get over it. It makes you go back to the song over and over in the hope that maybe you’ll figure out what the curse is one day.