Hek Teafy Releases New Single 'Some Pub Somewhere'

Aussie Hip Hop artist Hek Teafy has released a new single entitled, 'Some Pub Somewhere'.

This is an extraordinary track, with a lofi like drum pattern sustaining the momentum of the track, a reminiscent melody that's easy to indulge in, and a mellow flow. Hek Teafy has a lot to say on this track, and his crafty and comforting lyrics are executed perfectly. It feels like he is sitting you down and telling you a story - this is a rare experience nowadays, and it's because of Teafy's lyric choice and execution we get to experience it. This is a really powerful track and I am looking forward to future tracks by this very promising artist.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0mh0Zb4Bvj5MkUN7BUiqgM?si=ubQns-f_THWoKcyGfu_CpA