Heritage Releases New Album 'Hilltop Sunday'

Heritage has released his debut album 'Hilltop Sunday'. We will be sharing our top 3 picks from this marvelous album, but we highly recommend checking all the tracks out!

Couch Runners

This is an intricate, high-tech track, with a riveting bassline, compelling melody, and steady drum pattern. I love how seamlessly all the electronic elements work together to create a blissful harmony, and how the minimal use of vocals leave more to the listener's interpretation.

Numb Care

Reminiscent of Melanie Martinez's soap, this is a melancholic and emotional track, sure to move you with its synth waves and bit-crush distorted bassline. This track is a modern piece of art, as Heritage experiments with unheard sounds to create raw emotion. The quality of this composition is astounding.


You can guess from the title of this track, there is a great deal of inspiration drawn from 80's synth in this track. This is most evident in the melody and the drum progression. The vocals are stellar and paint a vivid narrative for the listener.

This is my new favorite album hands down! I am beyond excited for future projects by Heritage - but for now, I'll be keeping this record on loop.