HitRocker Releases New Album 'Project One'

HitRocker has released a new 10-track album entitled 'Project One'. This album is of the EDM genre.

A track that really stands out to me is the opening track 'Project 1.1'. This track has a riveting bassline, sawing melody, and gracious vocals. I really love the organisation of the composition, and the unique energy it breathes. The track has a very refreshing taste and its signature style makes it a stand out.

'Project One.Four' is also a stand out track, with bassline deeper and richer then prior tracks. The bass feels full and accompanies the momentum of the track perfectly. The vocals are consistent from track to track, and this composition, in particular, is evidence of that. The lyricism is delicate and the vocals sound gracious.

'Project One.Six' is a captivating track feels very bright. The drums are upbeat and drive the tempo of the track. The melody of this composition is driven by the saw and risers, as it accompanies the track flawlessly, and complements the dynamic nature of the track. The bass is also well balanced, delivering a cunning listening experience, with groove. At the center of the track is the crisp vocals. The vocals direct the narrative of the track and persist the bright nature of this powerful composition. This is a well-composed track, that simply does everything right.

There are a plethora of tracks to check out in this album, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Listen here: