Interview With Ellujai

We were fortunate enough to interview Ellujai with his recent release 'Passion'.

Ellujai, speak on your debut single, "Passion."

This record is for the women that have been through a rough relationship and need a healer and some loyalty.. I wanted to create a contemporary adult feel and still keep a fresh sound for my generation now.

How are you staying inspired during the current pandemic?

Continuing writing music, learning the business and promoting my work!

At 17, how do you know that music is your path? What keeps you focused?

I truly love singing and writing music I couldn’t see myself doing anything else in this world. I always wanted to do music from age thirteen when I first discovered my voice. It’s what god has assigned for me to achieve in my life.

What are your top 5 musicians of all time?

1. K.Michelle

2. Lucky Daye

3. Bryson tiller

4. Tevin Campbell

5. Daniel Casear

What's next with your single Passion? Is there a follow up in the works?

Yes, There’s lots more to come with the record. I’m also working behind the scenes writing new music as well.

What does it mean to you to be a young black musician in the midst of today’s turmoils?

It means to be as strong as possible and uplifting no matter the circumstances. I'm staying focused on music and positive and not letting anything throw me off track

Listening to Passion, you seem to be a smooth talker with the ladies. What’s your real-life approach to getting the girl?

It’s about really being respectful, uplifting and encouraging the ladies. Loyalty [Is important] also not putting them down and of course..not being desperate.

Listen to Passion here: