Interview With Nino Dartist: 'Music is real for me so it’ll show!'

Let’s talk about your new single in what’s also appears to be a new sound, how did that come about?

Honestly it came straight from the heart, like music is my passion, never want to put my creative ideas in a box. I’ve been told I’ve got so much potential for a young artist and this single “On The Moon” really shows I’m tapping into that potential very quickly.

“On The Moon” is really a creative term I created basically saying Do Not Disturb, I’m currently in a phase of life where I focus on my personal goals and dreams and not kill myself stressing about the world.

Who did you get a feature on this hit song?

I reached out to BigLityy, believe it or not he’s actually a childhood friend of mine. One day I remember scrolling thru my phone on Instagram and seeing him post one of his songs and at that moment I knew we’d would sound great together on this song.

I know you said your “On The Moon” but what’s next musically for your fans that you want them to know?

Well I don’t know how long I’ll be in the phase but I can guarantee them when I come back from the moon I’ll be more stable as a person and the music is real for me so it’ll show!

You’ve mentioned your an independent artist, how is it having to invest and promote yourself? Also do you ever see yourself signing to Major Record Label?

It’s sometimes can be frustrating because I’m basically learning as I go but when your chasing the dream it’s worth every blood, sweat and tear. In fact the journey of going thru the process of everyday progressing and being able to share that with the world makes everything worth celebrating. As of right now I wouldn’t sign to a record label until I get a paid understanding of my worth which I know is a lot but I do know when if I should sign they would have to give me my creative control.

Lastly is there anyone would like to shoutout before you depart to the moon?

Yes of course, I can’t name everybody but Donna (mom), Diamond (brand ambassador), Presh (model), Dewayne (childhood friend), Derek (Role Model) and The Rest Of Da Crew! #AllWeGot

I need y’all to push thru this single everyday until I drop some more music, only you all know how much progress we’ve made but there’s so much more we can accomplish!

Well thanks Nino DArtist for you time and I wish you the best on your new hit single “On The Moon.” We’ll be watching and can’t wait to hear more music from you!

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