Interview With Phantum: 'Never let fear dictate your decisions or circumstances'

We were fortunate enough to interview producer Phantum.

1) When did you realize that you had a passion for music?

I had always been passionate about music since a very young age, I remember when I was 10 years old I was super inspired by Guitar Hero 3 and can remember thinking to myself that pursuing a career in music and being a rockstar would indefinitely be my future. I started playing electric guitar at 11 and it became the only thing I ever did throughout the day and nighttime. I would tell my parents I was going to be a rockstar and didn't need a plan B. It wasn't really until I started high school I had also grew a new found passion for hip hop and started discovering all different artists i had never listened to before. By the end of high school my curiosity peaked with the sounds of trap beats from the south and I wanted to learn how they were made, that was the year i downloaded FL Studio.

2) Who are your main inspirations as a producer?

Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, and Southside are the guys I was first inspired by and listening to the most when I first started taking making beats more serious. I'm inspired by a lot of different producers but those are probably my biggest inspirations personally.

3) What would you like to achieve as a producer?

I want to work with all my personal favourite artists and upcoming rappers with the right energy and work ethic, and also help build up unknown artists from the ground up to make their best work and turn them into a superstar.

4) What should we be looking forward to seeing from you in the near future?

I've been working with a few different artists in the studio on new singles and projects releasing very soon, still a lot more new music to come this year and a few pretty big things in the works I can't disclose yet.

5) What's the best piece of advice you could give to young aspiring producers?

Always trust your gut instincts never let fear dictate your decisions or circumstances. Don't ever be afraid of failing because you will inevitably and thats when you'll grow the most, and above all else never give up on your goals and have patience your time will come with enough persistence.

6) What artist's do you hope to work with in the future?

Drake is definitely at the top of my list not only because of where i'm from or the fact that he's one of the biggest artists in the world, but I used to listen to his music way before I was heavy into hip hop along side Lil Wayne, and Eminem. Of course I have a long list of artists I want to get in the studio with but that would take forever to name everyone.

7) How should people contact you if they're wanting to work with you or purchase your beats?

Best place to contact me is definitely my instagram dm, i'll see it and respond to most messages fairly quickly on there.





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