Interview With Soapy Boy!

It’s been a almost a year since we talked with aspiring artist, Sydney Kerley who is now going under the name Soapy Boy, prior and during our interview he talked about his musical identity and how he was directly affected by the Australian Bushfires. Today, we sat down with him to catch up and see how he’s going and currently living under the new world climate.

Hello Sydney, how have you been since we last spoke? *chuckle* I’ve been alright I suppose, living and learning everyday you know. What made you decide your name to Soapy Boy? I just really wanted to distance myself from my real name, like seperate the art from my personal life I guess. I was never really comfortable with my music being played around me, every time I hear someone play it around me I get all nervous so I thought I should seperate it and just be more relaxed, you know. It’s hard because even though this year I’ve gotten a bunch of positive reception with my music I still can’t believe it, like there’s a part of me which feels like don’t deserve it because everything I do I feel is so basic in comparison to everyone. I chose Soapy Boy because I thought it sounded cool and no one on streaming services had that name, there’s no real deeper meaning to it. Where are you at musically and has Covid influenced your music or workload? The thing is, I haven’t done much music for like a year. I’ve helped Rever and Tom with a few projects but I don’t know if that’ll actually come out. I made a really nice song with Windows95Million, he’s a great dude but I’m really unhappy with my verse and just everything about it. He sounds amazing but every time I hear it I freak out. I’ve been teaching myself how to use Logic Pro recently, I think I like it more then the other DAW’s I was using. I’ve been experimenting with a lot more synths and cool stuff like that, I’ve had some quarrels with love this year and just finding myself at such in integral time of my life so when I do write some lyrics, it will most likely be about that. The fires also kind of delayed my work mood, although the immediate impact of the event has come and gone, the effects still linger, whether that be through the physical destruction to our personal property or going outside and seeing the burnt tree’s. It’s a weird time we live in.

Can we expect new music from you before the year ends?

I’m hoping so, I found an old demo song from 2018 that I posted the other day which I thought was pretty cool. Very unfinished and rough but none the less still something. I’m honestly working on my production right now and wanting to perfect that and dig into a niche sort of sound before I post anything... the next thing I put out is going to be an EP. I started one and have a rough demo with Rever done but my next goal is going to be a project that is pure me, like mixed, produced, mastered, written, the whole thing. I’ve been putting some money aside to start building a little home studio and I even ordered a midi keyboard today, but I don’t know if it will work because I didn’t read the fine print, but I’m hoping for the best.

Thanks for coming back Sydney, and I hope we can talk again in a years time and see how you’ve progressed as a musician.

I’ll be glad to be back. Thanks for having me. Stream Ouch! by Matt Watson because that albums been my lifeline for the past couple months.