Interview With The Hersey

We were fortunate enough to interview artist Hersey.

1) When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

That gave her Play music my first year of marriage and although my marriage was perfect there was a piece missing that had me depressed,

Once I figured out how to implement my wife into the music life has been perfect.

So the answer is my first year of marriage

2) Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, KRSone, Busta Rhymes and Redman

3) What would you like to achieve as an artist?

Give the world the best music they've ever heard and make my Brand so big that any business venture I do it will be successful

4) What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

Opening up for Rihanna at Canada's Wonderland with Cutty ranks and Kobra Khan

And performing at the Bollywood awards at the Skydome with Wayne Wonder

5) Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

Master P

6) Tell us a little more about your recent project?

Hip Hop 101 by the HERESY

Hosted by Jadakiss

The heresy is my crew and my self own Label

The album is raw original Hip Hop it's mostly Mega Sean and his wife Mz.Tulip

Who just finished Law school. On the album

95% of the album was produced by J.Vision

Who also directs, video records & edits all of the videos for this project

7) What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

In the future

We don't want to be put inside of a hip-hop box

You can expect more Musical music out of us


Mega Sean



Are forming a group called


M for the Movement

M for the Music

It is music for the culture

It Is also music that would make the world a better place

8) Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Look out for a documentary about Mega Sean



In the documentary it outlines the trials and tribulations and the alkaloids that Mega Sean has had & had to go through to make it to this point

And look out for the next album


Listen here: