Interview With Truse: 'I just hope it does it’s job in helping others find a way'

We were fortunate enough to interview a very talented artist by the name of Truse, and talk about his recent project, 'The Final Mystical Saga'.

Why did you choose to come out with this song now

It was a very amazing coincidence and synchronicity that this song was created and put out the way it did. I got a few emails from people saying they liked the song from a site I didn’t even know the song was uploaded to. So I decided to put it on Soundcloud. But the main reason is that I overcame a lot before this decision. It’s as if something is pushing me now to put the song out. like it wants to be heard. We are at a crossroads. We are doing ourselves in as humans. So we have to find a way out of the misery we are creating for ourselves and others. Is it through external means, such as protests and campaigns and vigils? Perhaps. I don’t know. Maybe it’s also through an expression of art. Through conscious hip hop. So I decided to let this song take a life of it’s own and hope it touches people.

How would you define your music?

All I do is listen to music. Music and books and lectures put to music. It is like water to me from the day I can remember. It’s mana from heaven. I would say my message in my music is simple, The Buddha said, “I teach suffering and the end of suffering.” I am trying to assist in others liberation from depression and from the delusion of separateness. Because the part of us that is suffering is the separate self. If we align with that ever present eternal self, than we can create music with gusto, poems, paintings, videos, from a place of non selfishness. Then the beats flow.

What is the song The Final Mystical Saga about?

It’s about the strife of war. It’s about ending ecological destruction of the rain forest because we believe we are superior to the people living there, because they live in tribal communities. Or we do it for cattle raising for fast food restaurants. We eliminated 4 million out of the 6 million acres of rainforest in 100 years. And we aren’t stopping. Most of it is to raise cattle, and a lot of that food gets thrown away or used to create very unhealthy foods with a lot of sugar and corn syrup. I hope that this song reaches people. People who are ready to step out of the illusion of self and not be so plugged in to the war culture.

If you had one thing to say to your listeners. What would it be?

I would say, really, Never give up. I have been through hell to get here. I have been through panic attacks that led to severe dysfunctional states along with depression and other states of mind that are hard to cope with for many many years. It was my friends and family that stuck by me and got me through it. I never thought this song would get out there or be heard. I just hope it does it’s job in helping others find a way out of their suffering.

Listen here: