Interview With Windfread


I always loved music – first being inspired by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Babyface to now my current inspiration of Charlie Puth.

When did you start:

I started making music my junior year of High School starting with experimenting R&B, Trap and Rap. After loving to do the chorus’, I took the flight to Pop and haven’t gotten off since.


I would love to Perform at a music festival in the future (long term).

But currently, my goal is to pave my way towards gaining a long-term fanbase of fans I can connect with and have conversations with about life, and how music has inspired them.

New work:

Newest record, “Too Comfortable”

Favorite Lyric/part of the project:

Favorite Lyric, “I know it really seems like I’m missing the cues / but I’m really getting tired of being misused.”

It’s my favorite because I knew I had to establish the core of how I felt out of the gates to set the tone for the rest of the record

Song Biography:

This record is about a girl that I’m falling for and I think she’s doing the same for me too. Yet, with my past breakup and similar scenarios, they’ve made me cautious. Thus, I don’t want to get “Too Comfortable” with her and end up in the same way that I was before.

My ending quote:

I want to thank you all for growing with me! I’ve produced a lot of content that was sink or swim and for the most part I’ve sunken more than swam, but you’ve pulled me up to shore. Furthermore, I’ll continue to produce the best content I possibly can for you all!