Interview With Yungtrey2x

1.What is your name?

Trey 2X Or Yungtrey2x

2.. How old are you?

I just turned 17

3.When did you start rapping?

I think back in 2013 I recorded my first song on YouTube using my computer mic and my tv.

4. What made you want to start rapping?

Idk it really just came to me you know coming from that type of environment both my uncle and father were producers and rappers.

5. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Really my uncle honestly like I said in the question before I really grew up around these sort of things my uncle was always playing lil wayne , T pain or some shit.

6. Any artist you want to work with?

I mean yeah but most of them are from where I’m from (TN) I’d like to work with yo gotti, or young dolph they were two big factors on my career also.

7. What are some goals you want to cross off your list this year?

Honestly really save up enough money to get a whip I feel like that would help me alot with this rapping it would make me more mobile so that way I can actually go places and share my sound.

8. Anybody you want to shout out or give recognition to?

Yeah shout out my city man y’all been rocking with me forever and shout out the whole gang (2X) love y’all.

Listen here: