Introducing 'Akustiskt på svenska' A New Playlist

We have been sent in a new playlist entitled 'Akustiskt på svenska'. It consists of 41 tracks from various sweetish artists.

There is so much to choose from and discover in this playlist. Some of my favourites include 'SMS', 'Snooze' and '101'.

'SMS' is a soul-touching composition, where although the language is foreign, you can hear and feel the emotion in the delivery of the broken vocals and the magnificently played yet soft piano.

'100' has a similar vibe, with an ambient instrumental and tear-jerking vocal delivery. The addition of backup vocals is the perfect touch to this already wholesome composition.

'Akustiskt på svenska' is a perfectly composed playlist and has so much to offer for music enthusiasts alike. I highly recommend this playlist for anyone looking for something new and refreshing.

Listen here: