Introducing Amanda Hicks

We have the privilege of introducing you today, to Avery promising singer/songwriter. Amanda Hicks is a hard-working artist, sure to amaze you with her beautiful voice. Here are a handful of tracks we suggest you check out.

Take Your Time

One of her most popular tracks, 'Take Your Time' is a beautiful composition, which showcases this artist's beautiful voice and powerful lyricism, over a very contemporary and upbeat track. This track feels perfected and easy. The vocals flow so perfectly over the flawlessly mixed instrumental, with a compelling melody and well-adjusted bassline.

You're Not The One

This single is powerful. It is rich in lyricism and delivered in a very mature manner. The acoustic guitar is so fitting with this track. The emotion is raw and genuine in this track. This track can position the listener into the shoes of the songwriter - a very unique attribute for modern-day artists.

Taking All My Clothes Off

This track feels and sounds very different from earlier tracks. The melody and hook is extremely catchy and will be ringing in your head for days to come. The lyrics are rich in imagery and metaphors, enriching the listening experience, and the connection established between artist and listener.

Amanda Hicks shows a lot of promise and I will be looking forward to future projects by this artist.

Listen here: