Introducing KingxMaliq

Listening to real music can speed up your self-development.

There is something to be said about the emotional impact of getting in your car, rolling the windows up and blasting your desired song while driving down the highway, just you and the music. The soothing power of bass! Other than that, the influence some music and genres play in your life can be unassuming. Some music brings back memories and take you to a time in your past where you heard that song and you liken it with a certain experience and the friends you were with as at the time. Rap music always teaches individuals to know their worth, to be thankful always, to be authentic and to always embrace the journey one finds him or herself in life. The music single ‘Marco Polo’ is one you would always love to listen to, give it a trial! Maliq with the nickname “KingxMaliq”, a rapper and owner of production powerhouse 'State Of Vibe' recorded most of Marco Polo in his studio in Sydney, Australia. KingxMaliq announces his new single, bringing a new expressive sound to fans with the release of his un-expected single, Marco Polo. The music single record is set to be released February, 2020. It’s been a great ride but now it’s time to pull over and enjoy the music. The tone and beats used in the song is unique, the music is original and circle back to one general theme. “Marco Polo is a soul-filled, catchy collection of reminders that unity, diversity, harmony and love can co-exist in our modern world.

Hands down after KingxMaliq released ‘Moodswing’ following by Marco Polo! I believe he is the upcoming leader of chill car jams!

KingxMaliq style meets at a juncture of the rap music. There is something about KingxMaliq that is inexpressibly different, with his newest project, he has learned what most musicians spend days working for. 'State Of Vibe’ is a place where feel-good music meets vital social needs. Like he says - #ahwhoop!

You can find KingxMaliq: KingxMaliq - Spotify, Apple Music and all other major music streaming platforms. 

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