Introducing Vibrant Swings

Vibrant Swings is an up and coming duo, sure to make an impact with their six new incredible tracks. Today, I have the honour of sharing with you these six tracks, and I am sure you will love.

Guilty Pleasure

This riff intense track is gnarly. The addictive melody reverberated from the electric guitar is astonishing. It is supported by wide vocals, painting an eerie narrative for the listener. The drums sustain this uneasy momentum. I especially like how the track builds up. This is a phenomenal track.

The Seventh Stage

Like the previous track, this track also has a gnarly beginning, which focusses on the riff of the track. This track has a fresh breath of hair, with a completely reimagined drum pattern and distinctive riff. The consistent vocal style and creative lyricism is spot on, allowing the listener to resonate with the themes of the track.

Chipped Away

This track is a standout. It takes a very different stylistic approaching, proving that Vibrant Swings can afford to artistically experiment with their content, and exceed expectations. I love the diversity this track has to offer. The switch in tone from a dark riff, to plucking, back to a dark riff. This is truly a track you need to experience for yourself. You will be pleasantly satisfied with what 'Chipped Away' has to offer.


This track starts much slower than Vibrant Swings' previous work. The intensity does pick up towards the middle of the composition. You can really indulge with this track, thanks to the smooth melodies, rich lyricism, and steady drum pattern. This is a really chill track - I love it.

Field of Poppy Seeds

This composition has a sense of sentimental value and genuineness. The track has a very diverse nature, beginning slowly, but transforming into a statement. As the once smooth riff intensifies, snippets of news clips play. A rush is emulated in this composition, through Vibrant Swings' experimental nature.

8th Street Mural

There are no lyrics to be found here, just a pure, genuine and hypnotic composition, pushing the boundaries of music to create something great. This track really makes you ponder, as a steady rhythm develops, and a melody takes a wild journey. This is a great track for reflection and indulgence.

I highly recommend you check out what Vibrant Swings has to offer. I am looking forward to future projects by this very promising duo. It is amazing what this duo can create through music, and I am hoping to see them find a platform in the coming years, and hopefully, release an album for myself and fans alike to enjoy.

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