Introducing Young Picasso

It is our honour today to introduce you to a talented young individual by the name of Young Picasso. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Young Picasso has a distinct, easy flow and soulful lyrics. The Rapper/Producer has a lot to say, evident in his evergrowing discography. His music ranges from heartbreak to drug addiction, portraying real stories in his music. It is our pleasure today to handpick Young Picasso's top 5 tracks, and share it with you today.

5. Smelly Jeans

This is a bouncy track, with a raw, mellow follow, and addictive instrumental. The 808s play a critical role in this track. The are distinctive and create that bouncy rhythm we all know and love. The vocals are at the center of this track, like most of Young Picasso's work. A narrative is told through the crafty imagery, embodied in the lyricism.

4. Jailbirds

This track tells of the time when Young Picasso was in jail. The mellow and melancholic melody in this track is not only catchy but can very easily bring a tear to the eye. The vocals support this emotion, with dark yet raw and real lyricism.

3. My Dawg

This is another light track, similar to Smelly Jeans. The instrumental is soul inducing with a beautiful guitar melody and bouncy 808s. The lyricism creates a narrative for the listener to engage in. Visuals unfold in the listener's head as Young Picasso paints the picture for us with his crafty and mellow lyrics.

2. My Mental

This is another melancholic and deep addition to the artist's discography. The track relates to drug addiction and mental health, this is evident through the deep use of lyrics and the minimalistic approach to the instrumental. The lyrics are the most important aspect of this track and is executed perfectly.

1. In The Rain

This one is the crowd favorite. There is something about 'In The Rain' that just really hits a certain chord. The instrumental is versatile and dynamic, with a beautiful guitar melody, upbeat drum pattern, and deep 808s. The lyrics certainly don't lack here, with a very important message being directed at Young Picasso's mother.

Young Picasso is a very promising artist and I am looking forward to future projects.

Listen here:

Youtube: youngpicassoatx

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: YoungPicassoATX