Jakub Niewiadomski Releases New Album 'VOJAĜO'

Jakub Niewiadomski has released a new album entitled 'VOJAĜO'. We will be revealing our top 3 picks from this marvellous album.


This is an elegant track, with beautiful and angelic vocals. They work seamlessly with the melody of the track, and the steadily paced tempo of the composition. This is a soul-inducing track, which relies both on vocals and melody to tell the narrative.

The Answer

This is a relaxing and comforting track, with a stellar vocal performance. A vivid narrative is told, through both the vocals and the nature of the keys. The drum pattern is impactful and really drives the overall composition.

Sand Paintings

This is a very uplifting and optimistic track. The tempo is faster than previous tracks, and the vocals feel a lot brighter. The melody is cunning and hypnotic, finishing off this project with a bang!

This is a highly recommended project and I am looking forward to future work by Jakub Niewiadomski in the near future!