John Dylan King Releases New Single 'No Contest (Woah)'

John Dylan King has released a new single 'No Contest (Woah)'. This is the first single off the new EP 'Yellow Treehouse'.

This is a track, filled with energy and excitement, fusing EDM with rap. Beginning with the instrumental, it feels eerie and dark. The echo in the bell-like melody adds to this aura. The 808s in this track are deadly. The distortion adds to the grim and raw listening experience. The vocals are at the very center of this track. There is a certain energy and passion that exists in this track, that is not only contagious but also addictive. John Dylan King brings his all into his music and this is evident in his performance in 'No Contest (Woah)'. This is a highly recommended single and you can listen here:

'No Contest (Woah)' -

Yellow Treehouse -

Yellow Treehouse Clean (Yes, the King is also family-friendly) -