JustKevs New Single will have you ready to Talk To Him!

New York, New York—Just Kevs new single “Talk To You” is the perfect combination of new age hip-hop and old school lyrics. Director Beechinour and Creative Director StarrMarzi give a modern look to what is clearly a hiphop classic.

Boss Up is exactly what you want from a New York Artist. A hard-hitting beat, and nice clean sound and all of those amazing punchlines packed into the one perfect song. JustKev wasn’t just talking to the ladies, he was speaking to a whole generation of rappers declaring himself the King of New York.

There have been few videos that exploded on the internet the way “Talk to You” has. After months and months of writing this masterpiece comes to you on all streaming platforms and the video can be found on Youtube.

Our Take: This is a fresh and addictive new single, with a compelling melody, crisp and clean vocals, and riveting bassline. The drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track concisely. This stand out track develops its own distinctive style to perfection.

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