Kaddy Kobain Set To Release New Album 'Nevermind The Trap'

Kaddy Kobain is set to release a new album this Friday entitled 'Nevermind The Trap'. The ten tracks pay homage pay to Nirvana, fusing grunge with rap.

The opening track 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' - is a reimagining of the 1994 track by Nirvana, which shares the same title. This is one hell of an opening for an album! The electrifying riff unleashes a beast of a sound. This metal-like melody drives the energy of the track, accompanied by trap drums. The vocals are phenomenal in this track, in reimagining the hit track. The vocals are clear and crisp, delivering a cunning experience.

'Polly' follows this track, taking a more relaxed approach, and changing up the sound of the album. The trap influence is more noticeable here, with deep 808s, an addictive drum pattern, and exceptional vocal delivery.

One of my favourites on this record is 'In Bloom', which sits at the fourth track of this project. There is more of an electronic element influence in this track, which reminds me of the likeness of Travis Scott, but with Kaddy's own unique twist. The vocals consistently deliver in this project, and 'In Bloom' is a testament to Kaddy Kobain's talent and vocal ability.

'On A Plain' is quite unlike anything I have heard before. It features a harmonious melody, fusing both key plucks and saws to form a unique melody. The kick, snare, hi-hats and percs are second to none, and the vocals are warm and somewhat ambient, as they unfold a narrative.

'Dumb' is another one of a kind track. The fusion of grunge and Hip Hop feels seamless, as the melody goes so well with the deep 808s and trap drum pattern. It is at this point you realise that Kaddy Kobain is something special. A unique talent, ready to take over the world.

The closing track 'Something In The Way', is the perfect way to end off an exceptional album. The bass is inducing in this track, with a mesmerising melody and crisp vocals, delivering repetitive lyricism.

This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences as a music reviewer. Kaddy Kobain really as struck something special with this new record and I am looking forward to hearing what you all think about it. To me, this is a record that is going to shake up the industry for the better, setting a new standard for artists to experiment with reimagining and appropriation of older and iconic music.

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