Kakó: 'I want my music to be an escape from whatever is making someone upset.'

We were fortunate enough to interview artist Kakó.

1) When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

I realized i had a passion for music when i got older and understood more emotion in music, the way it made me feel, i wanted to do the same

2) Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

You know, i try to sound like myself, I try not to rub off my inspirations in my music, but my biggest are LiL Peep, Pop Smoke, and Bryson tiller.

3) What would you like to achieve as an artist?

My biggest goal is to help as many people with my music as possible. I want people to know that they aren't alone. I want my music to be an escape from whatever is making someone upset.

4) What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

I haven't really had anything big happen yet, but my favorite memory so far was when i went to show my friends my song i dropped that day, but they all already knew the words. Best feeling ever

5) Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

This guy named RIPJACUB, i met him online he was about 500 more followers than me, i had him do a feature on my song "Leave me". People LOVED it, we ended up making another song and its on the way to be my most popular song.

6) Tell us a little more about your recent project?

My most recent song is "Live For A Minute" with one of my friends Yung Ugly, its about forgetting what's going on, and just enjoying what you have for a minute. But, I'm always working on an album of sorts. But recently i've been working on one called "Just Hold On" it's gonna be about 12 songs and a lot of r&b songs with my own swing on it. It's easily my best work.

7) What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

I'm working harder than i ever had on new music, I'm focused of quality not quantity, no matter how long it takes i'm gonna make a masterpiece. Just look out for new singles until then. It's gonna be a fun ride.

8) Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

No matter what, just hold on :)


instagram : kakomusic_