Kamryn Marie Releases New EP 'Under Control'

Kamryn Marie has released a new EP entitled 'Under Control'. The EP is jam-packed with 6 vibrant, body-moving pop hits.

The opening track 'Somebody with a Broken Heart' is the only track on the EP with a feature. NIGHTBREAKERS assist with this hit track with their electronic-like vocals. The bass is superb and the melody accompanies the vocals of Kamryn Marie flawlessly. This is a catchy tune, ready to capture your attention from the get-go.

'One More Hi' appears as more down-tempo than the prior track until you get to the triumphant chorus. This track highlights themes of resilience and strength. The lyricism is captivating and passionate.

A stand out track for me is 'Taking Chances'. This track excels in its use of electronic elements, in order to create a bouncy and vibrant composition. This track sounds and feels superlative and fierce. This can easily be a track that makes waves around the nation with its energy and passion.

This is a highly recommended EP. Kamryn Marie has a lot coming her way in the music industry with the quality of music she creates.