Kemikal Storm Releases New Album ''Orion Way''

Kemikal Storm's 'Orion Way' album kicks off with an electrifying intergalactic instrumental. The opener 'New Vision (Intro)' seamlessly blends into 'Under The Stars -Instrumental' setting the tone for a fantastical all encompassing sonic journey.

Electric guitar solos phase in and out as percussion and synths alternate between effects, distortions and stutters. Ambient and meditative describe the opening to 'Summer Sunset' a sonic 60's duplication electronically adjusted enough not to display the exact century of said "60's". The Summer Of Love vibes morph to Cyberpunk Summer Of Love vibes before easing back into the lush transition that evolves into the atmospheric 'Good Vibes -Instrumental'. The vocal version is angelic and transcendent and a beautiful departure to the realm of human voices. The following duo "Infinity and Beyond" and it's instrumental sibling kick the album up to hyper-drive with a rapid fire pace that is honest enchanting electro-wave. Two versions of 'Beautiful Earth' and 'Kepler (Outro)' conclude the album keeping up with the expansive sonic adventure. 'Orion Way' really is a union between sound, mind and body and Kemikal Storm spiritually unites them all with a unique approach to the combination and manipulation of sound, song and structure.

Listen here: