Keyerra Releases New Single 'The Fight'

Keyerra has released an inspiring and triumphant new single entitled 'The Fight'.

This is a triumphant and awe-inspiring track by singer-songwriter Keyerra. Keyerra fuses many genres in this composition such as Rap and Pop, in order to create a unique and distinct sound. Beginning with the instrumental, the drum pattern is continuously building up and feeding the anticipation of the listener. The melody is strong and heroic with short saw-like horn samples. There are multiple other elements such as a synth that help accompany this melody in the hook.

The vocals are distinct and unique from their versatile nature. From the verses to the hooks, Keyerra continues to inspire with her resilient and powerful vocal delivery. There is an important underlying message in this composition, that is executed perfectly thanks to the warm vocals.

This is 4 minutes and 4 seconds of pure bliss. I highly recommend this track and I am looking forward to future projects by Keyerra.

Listen here: