Kimia Penton Interview

We were fortunate enough to interview artist Kimia Penton.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a singer, songwriter, violinist, producer and independent label owner with a background in psychology. I’ve always been passionate about psychology and music and like to use both together as often as possible. Music is powerful for communication, healing and inspiration. I’m passionate about writing music to encourage authenticity, overcoming challenges and celebrating the good times!

What inspired your new single “Chameleon”, and why are you releasing it during National Bullying prevention month?

Chameleon is a song about authenticity and not giving in to people pleasing or peer pressure. The song is very personal for me and came after a period of growth in which I gave myself permission to fully be myself. Caring for others shouldn’t mean you sacrifice your own well-being. It seems as though it’s getting harder and harder for young people to be themselves and receive support/acceptance. Social media can be so powerful but has also caused tremendous harm. The statistics on cyberbullying are alarming and I wanted to speak up through music to encourage listeners to be kinder to themselves.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Well, I’m originally Middle Eastern, grew up in London and now live in Texas so my influences are diverse and very multi-cultural. Some of my all-time favorites include Persian violinist Farid Farjad, Alison Krauss, Carole King, The Beatles, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, India Arie, Allen Stone, Queen, Estrella Morente, Bob Dylan, Ryan Tedder.

When will Chameleon be released and how can people learn more about you?

The acoustic version of Chameleon is out on all digital outlets. You can stream my music on my website or all digital platforms including spotify under my full name Kimia Penton. Find me on Instagram @kimiapmusic

The Hip Hop Remix version will be released on 10/20/2020. I’m very excited to share this collaboration with my dear friend Prynce P who had the vision for this remix! He and I are both very passionate about music with a message and his vocals complemented the song beautifully. It is produced by Cloak Beats and Billy Syn and mixed and mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas. Can’t wait to share it with you all!