KR Tha Specialist – D.N.W. (feat. Playboy Roi)

Frantic energy from the club runs through KR Tha Specialist’s “D.N.W. (feat. Playboi Roi)”. With a

late-night party atmosphere, the track bounces with its giddy beats. The multiple layers all work to explore an atmosphere of pure, unhinged wildness. By far though the highlight comes from those

vocals. The flows rush through delivered with urgency. Going for carefree attitude, their embrace of all things freeing feels outright liberating. Lyrics focus on the sense of truly diving deep into giving in to desire, lust, letting go and just celebrating. Volume deserves to be blasted for this is a physical track, incorporating elements of house, electro, dub, all within a solidly hip-hop template.

Spacious elements introduce the piece. Little metallic clangs have a childlike melody to them. Upon dropping the bass things get started in earnest. They ride the beat perfectly as the whole of the work stretches out. Intricate detail comes through their storytelling as they recall a night spent the best possible way. Everything about the track has a decadence to it. Lust satisfied, everything satisfied really, they prove to be hip-hop in that old school way, one with a sense of pure uninhibited joy. With so much hip-hop going for a more reflective stance, it is doubly refreshing to hear it brought all the way back to its roots. By the final stretch it all merges together into a virtual sea of sound.

“D.N.W. (feat. Playboy Roi)” presents KR Tha Specialist incredible happiness that comes with succumbing to every want.

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