KYANU Releases New Single 'Straight Oldschool (RMA Remix)'

KYANU has released a new track entitled ,'Straight Oldschool (RMA Remix)'.

'Straight Oldschool (RMA Remix)' is an Electronic composition. The captivating track feels very motivational and exciting. The EDM-like drums drums are upbeat and drive the tempo of the track. The melody of this composition is driven by saws and synths, as it accompanies the track flawlessly, and complements the dynamic nature of the track. The bass is also well balanced yet metallic, delivering a cunning listening experience, with groove. The vocals are looped and sound robotic, and persist the exciting nature of this powerful composition. This is a well composed track, that simply does everything right. I highly recommend 'KYANU - 'Straight Oldschool' (RMA Remix)' by KYANU, and I am looking forward to future projects.

Listen Here: