Michael Woroniecki Releases New Album "Legacy Of Love"

Michael Woroniecki has released a new album entitled Legacy Of Love.

The album is comprised of electronic dance tracks each having a Christian element. The tracks are highly energetic and engaging. The track, Never Give Up is somewhat experimental with its rapid Psytrance drum beat and ambient/industrial like melodies. Another track on this album that does extremely well is the track My Own Know Me. The unique drums and pads, used as melodies, complement the abstract and unconventional vocals. All of it, however, works extremely well together, in sending a strong and influential message through the power of music. Deep Heart ft Rachel Woroniecki (Cup Of Salvation Remix) is also another high powered track on this album. The vocals complement the upbeat nature of the track. The drum pattern combined with the dynamic synths create profound energy. The choir is a nice touch as well. Oh yes, and this track has a drop. And it is massive! One of the songs on the album, Searching For Heroes, is a special song to Michael Woroniecki, who for the past 35 years has been traveling across the globe to bring the love of the Father to those in need. The track is glorious. The vocals send a strong and powerful message over a spiritual and influential electronic instrumental. Woroniecki's intentions as an artist are clear. He wants to change the world for the better and inspire others in his new track Searching For Heroes, which you can stream here: 100% of any money made from the CD is used to help those in need and minister to the homeless, those in prison, hospitals, troubled schools and on the streets. The purpose of the album is to reach those who might fall outside the interest of many genres of Christian music and offer to all a beautiful new sound that brings glory to God. This album has everything you want. As a blogger, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album and I know that you will also enjoy everything that this album has to offer. Michael Woroniecki is not only a great musician, but a great man, spreading a valuable message and leaving a positive impact on the world. I look up to artists like that, so I highly recommend you check out his album.