Lil Conscious Releases 2 Track EP 'Barely Conscious'

Lil Conscious has released a 2 track EP entitled 'Barely Conscious'. The two tracks off this album, 'Ashes' and 'Bojak', are phenomenal, sure to grab the attention of any listeners.

'Ashes' grabs the emotions of the listener, with a melancholic beat, and a mellow rap flow. The trap-like drums really sustain the rhythm, built up in this track. The lyricism used is deep, really creating a narrative for the audience to engage in. The following track 'Bojak' is quite different. Lil Conscious really puts its lyrical ability on show here, with a light-hearted, engaging track. The melody is addictive and will be in your head for days to come. The drum pattern is also catchy, developing a strong rhythm. This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: