Lil Homie Witda Sauce: The Interview

There are many artists who inspire Richardson Danquah's musical background, aka Lil Homie Witda Sauce. But there is only one name that we should take note of among his collaborations: Bello Figo. "Sauce Papito" is the name of the hot piece that they gave birth together with a restaurant table, in a totally spontaneous way. However, Lil homie has other plans for the near future. His latest single "Questioni del cuore" anticipates, in fact, an album that will be released shortly and that will speak heartily, in particular of the one broken when a relationship ends. A theme that perhaps the rapper was predestined for, given the huge word LOVE on his chest, which he tattooed at the age of 17.

Interviewing Lil Homie Witda Sauce Africa, Italy and the USA are present in all your songs a little.

Which culture do you feel you belong most to and why?

That's right, I'm a cultural vulture: my father is American, my African mother and I love Italy, the country where I live today. Difficult to take sides, I would say that they are a bit of everything.

Do you create the beats or are you supported by a beat maker?

I create my own melodies and sometimes I work alongside other beat makers like Keslad, Drav, Tundrabeatz and Legionbeatz In 2019, ’’ Sauce Papito ’’ ft. Nice cool.

How did the idea of ​​a collaboration between you come about?

(Laughs) We were in a restaurant and I remember that Bello Figo received a payment for his copyrights. At that moment he said something like "I'm making this money for real, all my diamonds are crystal clear", and so the idea of ​​the song was born. A few days ago "Matters of the heart" came out, romantic and at times melancholic.

How come this turn?

I have difficulty coping with heart problems. "Questions of the heart" is about a girl who was in my life until some time ago. It was like a drug to me, we were friends from the age of 9. He devastated me when, one day, he told me to let her go and never see us again. I feel alone and my heart is broken, but somehow I managed to turn my emotions into art. Music is the only thing that prevents my heart from falling apart.

What should we expect from Lil Homie in the near future? How does a wave of sentiment anticipate your latest single?

"Questions of the heart" is only the tip of the iceberg: I ​​have a full love / Trap / emo-rock album in store entitled "What is the remedy for a broken heart?". We hope it really helps someone.

Which sauce does Lil Homie prefer on French fries?

Anything, as long as it's saucy.

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