Lise-Bey Releases New Album 'Sunrise'

Lise-Bey has released a new album entitled 'Sunrise'. Here are our top 5 picks from the album.

No More War

A powerful track with a powerful message. This riveting track is touching and well crafted, delivering a cunning political message. The vocals work seamlessly with the melody and the overall nature of the track.


This is a stand out track. The melody is hypnotic and somewhat ambient, as it paints the mood of the track. The vocals are clear and help in painting the vivid narrative for the listener. The vocals are bright and uplifting on this cunning track.


The bass is a prominent part of this track, it paths the moment and rhythm of the track perfectly. This track is slower than prior tracks. The momentum is sustained perfectly, however, making this a great track to put on and chill to.

Live Your Dream

A motivational track, sure to inspire an array of young people. All elements of this track work seamlessly together, creating a spectacular listening experience. By this track, Lise-Bey's vocal style has matured and her style works perfectly with what she tries to convey in her music.

Oh I Lovr You

Perhaps the most emotional track on the album, this composition skillfully portrays and conveys a raw array of emotions. this track feels intimate and personal. The vocal style is perfected, and all elements of the track come together, to create a divine and distinct sound, that can only be achieved by this artist. This track is a personal favorite of mine.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Lise-Bey.

Listen here: