Occam’s Foil was recorded at Krank Studios in El Paso, Texas in the Summer and Fall of 2019. It features Ryan Rosoff (Guitar and Vocals), Manny Tejeda (Bass and Backing Vocals), and Eddy Garcia (Drums). As special guests on a couple songs, the band brought in David Hamilton (cello and arrangements), Christina Hernandez (violin), and Monica Gutierrez (backing vocals).

The theme of the 5-song EP is a play on the theory “Occam’s Razor,” a problem-solving principle that states “Entities should not be multiplied without necessity,” as theorized English Franciscan friar William of Ockham. That argument for simplicity and it’s “Foil,” or counter-argument, influenced the lyrics of all the new songs. Relationships, Social norms, the Opioid Crisis, Religion, and Politics all take center-stage on Occam’s Foil.

Little King has released 4 full-length albums & 2 EP’s:

-Occam's Foil (2019)

-OD1 (2014)

-Legacy of Fools (2008)

-Virus Divine (2004)

-Time Extension (1998)

-Transmountain (1997)



“The rhythm section provides a fluid yet thunderous foundation for Rosoff’s varied guitar work and the band tackles each of the EP’s five songs with the sort of sinewy skill I expect to hear from the most creative rock of 2020’s best outings thus far.” - Skope Magazine

“Occam’s Foil from the power trio Little King is your antidote to the bland paint by numbers rock. They take some genuine musical chances over the course of these five songs further distinguishing them from their peers and contemporaries that are far from mere window dressing.” - Valhalla Magazine

“Occam’s Foil from Little King is lots of big hits. While the two standout songs for me are “Hate Counter” and “The Skin That I’m In” – it’s not to say the other three tracks aren’t worthy of plenty of listens. They are in a big way.” - Gashouse Radio

“Every other month it seems some headline or some social media click bait is claiming “rock is dead.” Or so it seems. Folks that listen to anything mainstream will beg to differ – one such indie band that just might be the next heir to the rock throne is Little King. This mighty trio exudes all that they can in a goliath of songs in the thrilling EP Occam’s Foil. Where some fail, Little King prevails.” - IndieShark Music Magazine

“Little King and Rosoff, however, continue pursuing music with the same physicality and commitment defining their musical endeavors since first forming in 1996. He works with a consistent core of musicians and this trend continues with the band’s latest EP release Occam’s Foil. Bassist Manny Tejeda and drummer Eddy Garcia join Rosoff on this five song collection and they breathe fire into the strong literary flavor defining the latter’s songwriting. They make a potent combination.” - Vents Magazine

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