LjPix Releases New Single 'Flagrant'

LjPix is a fresh new artist with a focus on combining the energy of trap with the warmth of old-school hip-hop.

Recently, the artist dropped a brand new single titled “Flagrant”. The song also features a collaboration with fellow artist Parlae, who brought a lot of character to the composition, taking the music to the next level. This release is a perfect example of what it means to balance intelligent songwriting and production and achieve creative chemistry through collaboration. The song hits with a punchy drum-machine beat in the vein of trap music, but the lyrics are incredibly articulate, allowing the verses and the hooks to be all the more memorable.


Listen to “Flagrant” on Spotify.

This is a quintessential modern rap song with attitude, and it comes highly recommended for fans of artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Anderson Paak, only to mention but a few. LjPix managed to strike gold with Flagrant, as this new release combines fresh hooks with punchy beats, going for a direct take on creativity.

This release is currently available through most major digital streaming platforms on the web, including Spotify and Apple Music.