Local Pittsburgh Rapper Jordan York Drops Teaser for Local Legend Coming Summer 2020.

We were fortunate enough to interview local Pittsburgh Rapper, Jordan York.

1) When did you realize that you had a passion for music?

I always had a passion for entertaining people and music was always such a big part of my life growing up. When my neighbor, Anton, came back from college he told me I have beats for you, we started making music and from there everything just grew.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

The old school artists; Jay Z, Slick Rick, and Michael Jackson.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

To be honest I never thought I'd would of achieve everything I already have. I am very blessed. I just hope to continue to perform and make music until I no longer can.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

Being able to share the stage with artists who I grew up listening to.

5) Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

Afroman, Trace Cyrus, Waka Flocka Flame, 50 Cent, Bubba Spraxx, Aaron Carter, and O-Town to name few.

Tell us a little more about your recent project?

A lot of my music is gimmicky and fun for all ages. With my next release "Local Legend" I wanted to come with something different, hard hitting and being able to show my true skills. I think this is one of my best songs to date and I can't wait to release it this summer!

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

A lot, I’m always working on something. New music, videos, acting gigs, community events and more. I am the co-founder with my friend, Michael Nicastro, of YinzerCrazy.com. It's a podcast and sports website in Pittsburgh that we started a year ago and has been an amazing adventure so far.

Watch "Local Legend" Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE5C3hmAuIU

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