LongLiveMoses Releases New Single 'Ships Sail'

LongLiveMoses has released a new single entitled 'Ships Sail'.

This is a powerful composition that fuses a melodic rhythm with rap. Beginning with the instrumental, the 808s create a strong bounce for the listener to vibe with, accompanied by a versatile drum pattern, used to sustain the momentum of the beat. The flute-like melody is the perfect touch to this track. The vocals are chill and paint a vivid picture for the listener, full of imagery and symbolism.

This is a highly recommended track and we are looking forward to more music by LongLiveMoses.

Listen here: Spotify link:https://open.spotify.com/album/5DYqpjKrlybzDf1lkBptfX?si=xXC7r01zShuEYFnyqOp4_g

YouTube link:https://youtu.be/frCjMe45w2I


Ig: @longlive.moses