LongLiveMoses Releases New Single 'Treasures of a Died Man'

LongLiveMoses has released a new single entitled 'Treasures of a Died Man'.

This is a super addictive new track from this artist, and this single does not disappoint. The melody is quite unique and abstract in its nature. It is unlike anything I have ever heard before, and that's why it appeals to me personally as a music critic. The trap drum pattern adds an abundance of flavor to this track also. The mellow flow glides along this track, painting a narrative for the listener. This is a highly recommended single and I am looking forward to future projects by this very promising artist.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6R4lcxbjBVF3xvpIB5S3ou?si=9AG3dQTwQ6OMqyVkBeMxAQ