Lorenzo Gabanizza Releases New Project ‘All The Words We Never Said / No Love At All’

Lorenzo Gabanizza has released 2 new tracks All The Words We Never Said’ and ‘No Love At All’ as apart of a mini-EP.

I’d like to shift my focus towards All The Words We Never Said’, as it has a distinctive and warm texture towards it. The mellow vocals are executed perfectly. Unfolding in this composition is a compelling, romanticised narrative. The conversation towards the lover in question is intimate and personal. The language techniques embedded within the lyricism, are not only pure but gracious. The vocals seamlessly blend with the acoustic instruments. A warm and comforting sound is created in this composition, and I feel drawn towards the singer, and the contents of the track, for the entirety of the composition. ‘No Love At All’ has a similar effect, but with a more upbeat tempo and brighter vocals. The tracks complement each other nicely, by diversifying the mood and approach.

This is a highly recommended project and I am looking forward to future projects by Lorenzo Gabanizza.

Listen Here:


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLhYAR3NOoA