Love Ghost Releases New Single 'I'll be "fine"'

Love Ghost has released a new single entitled 'I'll be "fine"'.

This melancholic trap meets alternative-rock track is one of kind. Multiple instruments come together, such as the acoustic guitar and electric guitar, to create one powerful and emotional melody. The drums build up in intensity throughout the whole track and really bring it home in the last 30 seconds of the track. The lyrics are accurate in this composition - with a strong and sincere message embedded within the lyricism. The delivery of the vocals as well are flawless, and as a result, the messages and themes of this composition are clearly conveyed.

One fan comments:

"The lyrics of this song are spot on and i think that there are countless individuals who can relate to the strong message here. So many times we try to be strong while battling the pain we face. For those who may be having challenging times in their lives, know that there are others who want the best for you, and with a little support, you too will be fine."

This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to future projects by Love Ghost.

Listen here: