Lyonen Releases New Album 'This Is Lyonen'

Lyonen has released a new album entitled 'This Is Lyonen', packed with 11 tracks. We have taken away our top 5 picks from the album to share with you today.


A track titled 'Lyonen' by Lyonen on an album titled 'This Is Lyonen'. This is an exciting and engaging track, that gives you a great introduction to who is Lyonen as a musician, and a taste for his music. The drums are powerful and the riff is mesmerizing. This is a highly recommended track!

I Am Not Wild

This is a captivating track, with a slower pace than 'Lyonen'. The electric guitar takes center stage, pathing a memorable melody for the listener, with a perfectly paced drum pattern that works seamlessly with the nature of the track.

Angels Of Freedom

This melody sounds a lot like 'One' by Metallica, with its own twist. This track is quick however to build momentum and excitement, with a heavy layered electric guitar, and intense drums. I really enjoyed this track.

Dancing Free

This is a drum intense track, the polar opposite of I Am Not Wild. I really like out the vocals stand out in this track and feel crisp and clean - unaffected by the intensity of other instruments. This head-shaking track is one for the ages.

2 Hours To Go

I wouldn't mind if this track was 2 hours, its refreshing melody is captivating, and the drums feel motivating. This track has a real Summer/The Offspring feel about it, with its unique use of other instruments (Such as the violin feature), matched with the intensity of the drums.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Lyonen.

Listen here: