Mack Pepperboy Releases New EP 'It's The Pepperboy'

Mack Pepperboy has released a new EP entitled 'It's The Pepperboy'. The EP consists of 6 dynamic and thought-provoking tracks.

A stand out track for me on this EP is 'Hater', this is an aggressive and crisp track. The flow is intense and passionate. It is a distinctive and unique rap style that is executed. For me, it is crucial for a rapper to have their own personal style, and this is the case for Mack Pepperboy. The melody rings throughout the track. The kick and snare positioning is perfect and the 808s are perfectly balanced. This is the perfect track to understand Pepperboy as an artist.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here:

We are looking forward to what Pepperboy has to offer.