Martin Szorad and Maria Rago Set To Release New Track 'Glimpse Of A Dream'

Martin Szorad and Maria Rago are set to release a new track entitled 'Glimpse Of A Dream'. The track is a single from the album "Burnt streets" - composed by Maria Rago. It's a finalist at New York Movie Awards as Best Music Film. With this track, it is composed by Maria Rago, and Martin Szorad works his magic on the electric guitar.

The track's beginning is minimal, relying on only the keys to set the mood. The keys are fast-paced and develop into something a lot bigger and ambitious. The electric guitar then makes an exciting and intriguing entrance. It saws through the track, reverberating a powerful and contagious sound. There is an absence of vocals in this track, leaving the listener more room to focus on the riveting riffs and melodies.

This is a highly recommended single and I am looking forward to future projects by Martin Szorad and Maria Rago.