Masta Bastard Releases New Album 'Public Enemy No. 1'

Masta Bastard has released a new album 'Public Enemy No. 1'. We sill be sharing our top favorite tracks from the album with you today.

Check This

From the King of the Hill sample, you know this one is going to be good. The thumping bassline really takes control and works seamlessly with the melody. At the center of this track are the vocals. Masta Bastard has a very swift flow that I have quickly come to enjoy.


I love how different this track sounds from the prior track. The vocals reverberate around the track, adding a whole lot of emotion to the track. The horn melody is soul inducing and very addictive. This track really is a piece of art, as it mirrors the feeling of nostalgia.

Living In Stereo

This is a grueling track, with an eerie melody, riveting bassline, and killer vocals. The nature of the track is mirrored through the vocals, as dark lyricism is executed by Masta Bastard. Something that really stands out to me on this track is how the bassline seamlessly works with the melody - a very nice touch.


Although an instrumental - this track gives me the shivers. The melody of this track is burnt into my brain, and accompanied by a lofi boom-bap rap drum pattern. This track accomplishes a very unique sound that's easy to vibe to.

Why Me?

The fact that this track directly proceeds the interlude makes me happy. The transition between these two tracks is phenomenal. Masta Bastard's signature rap flow returns on this track, over a lofi-boom-bap drum pattern, and a mesmerizing sample melody. This track is a testament to Masta Bastard's artistry.

This is a highly recommended album and I really am looking forward to future projects by this very promising artist.

Listen here: