Matilde Girasole Releases New Single 'Cup Of Tea'

Matilde Girasole has released a new single entitled 'Cup Of Tea'.

This is a vibrant and flavorsome from this fresh new artist. The instrumental sounds well polished and radio-friendly, with a contagious melody, and well-developed drum pattern, using a combination of electronic drum instrumentation to sustain the momentum of the track. The vocals are pristine and come from a strong and independent background. The lyricism is empowering and motivating - executed perfectly by the glorious vocals.

Cup of Tea is a showcase of personality and passion, and a reminder that Matilde is defini- tely an artist who is not the kind of person who would rely on shortcut or settle for less. This song is excellent and well-produced, a strong indication of her artistic integrity and ability to create music that’s massively appealing. Ma- tilde follows in the footstep of influential recording artists such as Sia, Robyn, Halsey, and Billie Eilish, among others, but she still mana- ged to develop a strong individuality, shining for her personality and showing the world what she is all about. This release is a must for all fans of high-quality electronic pop music out there.

This is a highly recommended single and I am looking forward to future projects by Matilde Girasole.

Listen here: