Matthew Shell Set To Release New Album 'Towards New Beginnings'

Matthew Shell is set to release a new album entitled 'Towards New Beginnings' (featuring Vahagn Stepanyan and Sami Turunen) on 8/1 via Narked Records. Shell brings an array of relaxing instrumentals on this new project. It will feature 10 tracks, including the lead single 'Towards New Beginnings' (feat. Douglas Lira).

Starting with the lead single - this track shapes up to be a compelling track, with multiple instruments working seamlessly together to create perfect harmony. The flute really is at the center of the track, substituting the vocals, using pitch and rhythm to paint the emotion and mood of the track. This track is the last on the album - and concludes it perfectly.

The opening track, 'Memories', is 3 minutes and 4 seconds of pure bliss. The strings of the acoustic guitar and keys work seamlessly together, to create an intricate and peaceful narrative, left to the interpretation of the listener. This is how you properly start such an ambitious project.

'Finding My Way' appears later on the project, coming in at track four. This track really stands out from the prior tracks, as it possesses its own distinct and signature sound. You feel optimism hope while listening to this track. The acoustic guitar does wonders, painting its own narrative for the listener to indulge in, supported by subtle drum pattern.

'The Will To Try' is a motivating and inspirational track, with an upbeat rhythm to it. I really enjoyed how seamlessly the drums work with the acoustic guitar. It seems to be a constant theme of the project, this track, in particular, is a perfect example of how the two come together to create something special.

'Embracing The Journey' is the second last track off the album, followed by fan favourite, 'Towards New Beginnings'. The drums are very prominent and obvious in this track. They have a large thumping sound that really builds up the atmosphere. The build-ups before the chorus is a neat little touch also. The acoustic guitar is hypnotic in this track, and with the absence of vocals, listeners can have boundless interpretations of what 'Embracing The Journey' means to them individually.

This is a highly recommended album. I am looking forward to its release on 8/1.

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