Max Ferrari Releases New Project '7 Minute Drills'

Max Ferrari has released a new project entitled '7 Minute Drills'.

The project is a collection of three songs, freestyle and record3d in one take. The opening track 'Attachment' is a track that is really easy to vibe with, with its harmonious and mesmerising melody. The bassline is well balanced and works seamlessly with the trap like drum pattern. The vocals are float on this track and really calm the listener. The following track 'Let Me Know' has a similar vibe, with a vibrant and relaxing melody, trap like drum pattern, and free-flowing vocals. 'Gorgeous' feels harder than the previous tracks, with a more riveting bassline, and deeper vocals.

This is a very ambitious and experimental project that does a lot well and I am looking forward to what Max Ferrari has to deliver in the future.

Listen here: