Max Romer Releases New Single 'Drive me Crazy'

Max Romer has released a new single entitled 'Drive Me Crazy'. The track was produced by Max Romer, with lyrics and vocals by Julia Faulks. It features a combination of electronic and real instrumentation.

This is an addictive composition, with a crisp melody, engaging drum pattern, and astounding vocals. The nature of the track is vibrant and uplifting, owning the indie/Dance genre. The melody is hypnotic and really engages the listener. The vocals are amazing and paint a vivid narrative for the listener to delve into. The rich lyricism, works seamlessly with the light nature of the track, to create a compelling composition.

Max and Julia first met in 2001 when Max was a video editor and Julia a broadcast journalist for a local television and radio station in Oxfordshire. As a small child, Max was introduced to the Amiga 500 by his musician father and from there his passion for creating digital music was born, inspired by legends such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Queen, and more recently Calvin Harris, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, and Armin Van Buren.

This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here: