Maya Manel: 'I've always been driven to take the next step and keep pushing forward'

We were fortunate enough to speak to Maya Manel earlier today.

What inspired you to make this track?

Well, I've always been driven to take the next step and keep pushing forward - no matter what's thrown my way. First year or so in LA I was struggling HARD, working two to three jobs to get by paycheck to smaller paycheck - I was burnt out and tired of struggling. Then things really turned around for me, not by luck, but with determination to make it out of this toxic cycle and the support of amazing people. EMMber and I realized that we were really living well amongst friends and surrounded by support and love and the rest just came naturally. I wanted to create a feeling of excitement and inspiration with this song, so each of us can get excited to live our own Good Life.

How did you and EMMber get together and start making music?

Actually, to be perfectly honest we met through a mutual friend's facebook post! He had asked what his friends were excited about that week and it happened to be the week I was moving to LA to chase the dream of being a full-time musician. I commented and Mark immediately responded that he was learning to produce and was always looking for singers to work with. Not knowing any producers in LA already, he actually became the first person I ever wrote with. Three years later our friendship is one of the most authentic and important in my life, and we are always there for each other to keep challenging the other and inspiring our best creativity as artists, and enjoying every up and down on the way.

Why house music?

As a vocalist with a diverse sound, eventually I'll make ALL KINDS of things. I was drawn to house music however because I've never felt a larger or closer connection than when I'm getting down on the dancefloor with like-minded wierdo's all enjoying the same sounds and beats together. It's magical, spiritual even. I also started learning to DJ and love that I can spin and play my own tracks, even sing them live if I want! I really can't think of a feeling quite like seeing people dance to something I made, to see the genuine joy and smiles I helped create. It's incredibly powerful and fulfilling.

Anything else you want our readers and listeners to know?

For sure that I'm grateful for their time and support, and hope I can connect with them one day and create smiles for them, too!

As a thank you for the fan support I’m offering the track for free on my Soundcloud (link below). Thank you for this chance to let people learn a little more about me, and for everything Fresh Out The Booth does for emerging artists. Much love!