Mister Hayes Releases New EP 'QP's and Heartaches'

Mister Hayes has released a new EP entitled 'QP's and Heartaches'. The EP has 4 emotional and personal tracks, including 'Falling Down', 'Straight Bars', 'Starting To Grow' and 'Fake Love'.

I want to focus on the first single off the EP, 'Falling Down'. This is an extremely emotional, personal and intimate composition, full of passion and frustration. The melody of the track consists of an electronic guitar, which echoes throughout the track. The drum pattern is fast, with deep and punchy kicks, and intense hi-hats. The vocals are at the center of this track, painting a melancholic picture for the listener, thanks to the rich and meaningful lyricism, and the flawless execution.

This is a highly recommended EP and I am looking forward to future projects by Mister Hayes.

Listen here: